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Aha! uses Autoglym

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Aha! uses 2 of the top of the range Autoglym products for his final paintwork treatment in basic/standard grooming services. Without pre-treatment to the paintwork, these products would not work as effective and desirable, unless the paintwork is very new.


autoglym extra


Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

Aha! uses Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection for the final paintwork protection treatment. Itis an extra tough, protective sealant that contains a complex blend of hard resins and waxes. Treated surfaces are protected with a super-tough finish to keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer. This durable deep gloss film is suitable for all types of automobile paintwork, including metallic, clear coat and water based finishes. Unlike a polish, it contains no cleaning or polishing agents and should only be used on clean, dry, blemish-free paintwork, ideally pre-treated or polished. The resultant highly durable, deep gloss finish provides an extra tough barrier against most environmental contaminants. 

autoglym ultra deep

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

Aha! uses this product specifically on dark color cars,. It is specially formulated using the finest modern polishing and coating technology to impart a tough durable to a wide range of paint colours, new or old. Recommended for new or moderately deteriorated paintwork and gives superb results on dark colours. Reduces and removes the hologram effect as well as filling and masking minor scratches. As always, this product is more effective on new cars and pre-treated old cars.

Pls note : Aha! only uses the above products for his standard grooming services. Aha! does not sell them.

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