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Premium Paint 2000

Aha! exclusive dealer for Premium Paint 2000 Paint Touch-up System

Aha! is the exclusive dealer for the application and distribution of Premier Paint 2000® system. It is an innovative method of Automobile Paint Touch-up solution like no others in our local market. Aha! PP2000 system uses a non-aerosol technique saving more clean air to breath and producing results light years ahead of the competition.

The followings are the products that Aha! uses in his paint touch up and scratch removal services:

(1) Excess Paint Remover

Aha! uses PP2000 special formulated Excess Paint Remover to remove overlapping paint surrounding the chip or scratch to minimise touch up area size. The special additives that it carries give the touch up surface a better shine. The result would be chips or scratch lines become less visible and you get a finish that you would surely satisfy!

(2) Enhancing Agent

Aha! uses Enhancing Agent that PP2000 add to the paint that greatly reduces shrinkage and gives the paint a better shine and 98% of the chips almost disappear and we produce a finish that car owner can be proud of!

(3) Barrier Coat

Aha! Barrier Coat cleans the surface and leaves a microfilm that works with the Enhancing Agent to lock the paint in the chip. We have vehicles that were touched-up over 1 year ago that looks the same as the day when we touched them up.

(4) Metallic Modifier

Aha! applies PP2000 Metallic Modifier that locks the color pigments, metallic and pearls together. The high metallic and pearl colors stay the same color and blends in with the original factory color.

(5) Scratch compound

Aha! uses PP2000 developed scratch compound that when used with special buffer removes without wet sanding. we are even taking out some scratches that stop your finger nail.

Pls note: Aha! only uses the above product for his paint touch up and scratches removal services. Aha! does not sell them at the moment.

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