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Aha! uses Waxco

Aha! uses the following products for his standard/basic grooming services.

waxco interior

Auto Cockpit Interior Cleaner

Application for cleaning and removal ofheavy and tough stains e.g. smears, dirt and oil of car's interior parts.

waxco form cleaner

Tough Stain Cleaning Foam

Use as an effective cleaner for any washable and painted surfaces especially vinyl and fabric upholstery, carpets, floor mats and chrome. It's deep cleaning foam action lifts dirt and removes soils and stains easily.

waxco auto windows

Auto Clear Glass Cleaner

Use as an effective cleaner to remove insects, stubborn stains, grease and bird droppings instantly for a clear dazzle free windscreen. Also ideal for auto glass surfaces.

waxco wheel cleaner

Auto Sport Wheel Cleaner

Use to remove road grime and brake dust on sport wheel surfaces without damaging any portion of the wheel. It easily dissolves and lift the dirt by breaking it down and washing it away.


Pls note: Aha! only uses the above products for his grooming services. Aha! does not sell them.

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