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Aha! uses Waxoyl

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Aha! is a fan of Waxoyl when comes to paint protection system. We believe in cost-effectiveness in car body care. That is to spend a reasonable, effortable price for a quality paintwork protection with minimum efforts in maintenance.

The name WAXOYL stands for more than fifty years' experience in the battle against corrosion and weather damage. Trusted by specialists the world over: car manufacturers, railway constructors, ship and aeroplane owners, construction machinery producers, etc. the list goes on....

waxoyl shampoo


A unique concentrated formula that actually neutralises all acid rain. It helps to break down the minerals in tap water that causes water spots and helps to remove atmospheric pollutants from your paintwork.

waxoyl clay

Magic Clay System

Soft clay bars in conjunction with Moisturizer. A completely new concept for gentle surface paint treatment. Also removes stubborn dirt without aggressive chemicals and abrasive compounds.

  • Removes paint overspray, rail dust and surface corrosion, industrial fallout and water stains.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous acids and expensive aggressive solvents.
  • Contains no toxic substances.
  • Cleans thoroughly even without conventional wet sanding or high-speed polishing.


waxoyl finishing

Finishing Compound XL

FINISHING COMPOUND is particularly suitable for the new generation of ceramic crystal clear paint (nano-paints) which is particularly scratch resistant. The product is suitable for OEM as well as professional applications. It is a highly developed medium fine nano compatible polishing agent which has been especially developed for the restoration of new and old paint. It is suitable for all paint systems.

FINISHING COMPOUND offers the ideal solution to remove orange peel, scratches (grain 1200 to 2000) from painted surfaces. For example, with a simple step, holograms can be removed in a few seconds. In conjunction with the Waxoyl lambswool polishing pad you will achieve an optimal surface finish as well as a high gloss.


waxoyl final finish

Final Finish XL

Final Finish XL is a uniquely formulated fine polish for paint reconditioning, suitable for all types of paint systems.

Final Finish XL
is excellent to remove swirl marks, slight surface imperfections, medium to fine oxidation, industrial fallouts, oversprays, waterspottings etc.


waxoyl 100plus

100 Plus

Crystal clear high-gloss paint protection for new cars against environmental influences such as sun, wind and weather.

The long-lasting protective polymer film for all types of car paintwork.

  • Maintains long-lasting gloss for all painting processes.
  • Allows water to run off better.
  • Protects against UV radiation and stops the paintwork fading.
  • Protects against environmental influences and oxidation.

Used or recommended by manufacturers and importers.

waxoyl aftercare



(Available for sales to customers whose cars have been applied Waxoyl 100Plus paint sealant by Aha!)

AfterCare pack comes with 100ml Shampoo and 100ml Paintseal Cream

A unique concentrated formula that actually neutralises all acid rain. It helps to break down the minerals in rain water that causes water spots and helps to remove atmospheric pollutants from your paintwork.

Paintseal Cream
This special weather repellant coating when applied to your paintwork creates an extra layer of protection on top of your Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Sealant. This organic formula will help to disguise swirl marks and micro scratches on the surface of your paint. Gives paintwork an extra shine and helps to remove stubborn blemishes.

waxoyl interior cleaner

Interior Cleaner

Deep-down cleaning of leather, plastic panels and upholstery as well as fabrics.

Quick and thorough, thanks to the unique special WAXOYL formula.

Interior Cleaner

  • Even removes particularly stubborn stains.
  • Easy and economical to use.


waxoyl UPT


Impregnation against spills. Protects fabric and leather against dust and damp.

Invisible long-term protection.

  • Forms a protective film around each individual cloth fibre, thus reducing dirt penetration.
  • Keeps fabrics soft and colours bright and clear.

More than doubles the life of the fabric.


waxoyl motor care

WAXOYL Engine Cleaner

Waxoyl Engine Cleaner is a biodegradable product, based on vegetable raw materials. Waxoyl Engine Cleaner removes oils, greases, waxes, tar as well as most glue residues and rubber abrasion.

Waxoyl Engine Cleaner is indispensable for rapid cleaning in assembly and repair shops. Also suitable to remove antifouling deposition from boats or yachts.


waxoyl motor care

Motor Care

The top product for engine assembly protection.

The treatment restores metal, aluminium, plastic and rubber parts as new.

  • Resists high temperatures in the engine compartment without loss of effect.
  • Forms a resilient, water and damp-repellent film.
  • Protects electrical connections against oxidation.
  • Contains no silicone.
  • A little goes a long way: environmentally friendly.
  • Does not yellow with age.
  • Protects also against corrosion.


Pls note : Aha! only uses the above products for his paintwork restoration and protection services. Aha! does not sell them to individual as they are for professional application only.

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