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Aha! Onsite Windshield Repair Services

(A) Windshield cracks doorstep repair service

Windshield cracks

Aha! onsite windshield repair service offer Stars, Bulls Eyes, Angel Wings, any Small Cracks (not longer than 10cm) and Small Chips repairs.

The objective of a windshield repair is to close up the gap created by the impact so as to add strength to the bond and to reduce the visibility of the break. The result would be an improved optical clarity (at least 80%) in the damaged area with significant reduction of the visible damage.

The followings are the benefits of repairing the windshield:

(B) Windshield Clear Restoration Service

Aha! also address the unsightly wiper marks and water stains on windshields.  We can restore wiper mark discoloration and permanent water spots on windshields back to near 90% of it original look. You don't have to pay for the price of a new windshields to get a clearer front row view.

(C) Windshield Scratch Removal Service

Not many scratch lines especially the ones that stop your finger nail can be removed. However, some scratch lines on the windshield to certain extent can be minimised if not full removed. Aha! would endeavor to offer best advice on how best a repair for such scratch lines can be achieved prior to working on it.



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