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Aha! Feedback Form

In order for Aha! to serve you better and to meet your needs and expectations of our services, we would like you to take few minutes of your precious time to fill out the following questionnaires. We hope by receiving your valuable feedbacks and opinions, we can do our best to design into our services the many components that would meet your expectations of our services.

*1. How would you rate Aha! for their response to your enquiry for any of their services?  

*2. How would you rate Aha! level of service quality in term of workmanship?  

*3. Do you find Aha! prices reasonable? What is your view?  

*4. Do you like the concept of Aha! service provisions?  

*5. Do you find Aha! services convenient to use? What is your opinion?  

*6. Would you return again for enagaging any of Aha! services?  

*7. Would you recommend Aha! services to your friends, family or colleagues?   

*8. What is the main factor for making your decision to use Aha! services?       

*9. What is your overall experience in dealing with Aha! for your auto needs?   

10. Please tell Aha! what other areas in need of improvement?  

Aha! thank you for your kind feedback and wish that you can leave your name and contact with us so that we can update you of our latest promotions and services.

*Email address:    

*Mandatory fields

Please click onto the Submit button to post your feedback to us.

Thank you for your application. We shall contact you for an appointment to process your application.

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