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Aha Auto Image companyA One-stop convenient Auto-detailing, body repair and paintwork restoration services

Every reason for turning to Aha Auto Image...

Just try asking yourself these questions?

1) Why would I spend over $150 or more to re-spray my car door or any other panel just because of a small chip, dent or a scratch line?

2) Why should I wait for 1 to 2 days or more for my car to be re-sprayed or repaired if I can spend less and still get it done in few hours or in a day?

3) What is the point of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to re-spray my whole car and worried that it might suffer another damage in the future? Does it make more sense to leave it and not spent any money if the damage isn't that serious or obvious?

4) Why should I spend money and have to experience the hassle to send and pick up my car to/from the body repair workshop which is usually dusty, noisy and congested?

5) Do I have to fork out more money once more when the repairs are not done to my expectation?

6) Who can I trust for quality and guaranteed car paint restoration services?        

If you have the above worries, we would not be surprised. These are the dilemmas that many car owners are facing inevitably! After having spent so much owning the car, especially in Singapore, owners take with him/her many worries of having to spend more on unnecessary repair bills such as minor accident, vandalisms, poor maintenance etc...and the list goes on. Why own a car if you have to face with so much worries? 

We would like to offer you 10 good reasons why you should use Aha! services:

1)    Spend only on spot(s) or area(s) that is/are damaged.

2)    No need to step into dusty, noisy and congested workshop again!

3)    Onsite repair for windshield, chip/scratch touch up at your most convenient time and location.

4)    Affordable, reasonable and flexible pricing. No extra or hidden costs when price is quoted.

5)   One stop services! No need to source for panel, paintwork and/or grooming specialst anymore.

6)   Quality and guarantee against workmanship.

7)    Most minor repair works take not more than few hours.

8)    Friendly and polite customer-oriented services.

9)   Non-obligatory assessment/evaluation on repair cost..

10)  Specially requested repair time can be arranged with no extra charges.

If the above reasons sound good to you and we promise to deliver what we claimed to be our service mark. Why hesitate? Try us now!

Call us at 9069 3678/9 or make an online booking for an appointment now!

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