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We are Aha! And Aha is "Anson Seow", "Henry Ong" and "Alvinsky Fong".


       We are car enthusiasts and automobile lovers, therefore keeping and maintaining cars at their most presentable and tip-top condition is what we always desired and strike to achieve. Image is very important to portray character and personality. It tells if a car owner is "perfectionist" type or "anything-will-do" type, "care & concern" type or "heck care" type etc... you can't hide, it just tells. We at Aha! recognize that and our mission in this business is to re-create the value of car owners' beloved assets.


   Aha has a strong and enthusiastic management team fills with passion and drive to succeed in this new and exciting concept of auto paint restoration solution. Aha's 3 partners, Anson Seow, Henry Ong and Alvinsky Fong are ex-colleagues of the Republic of Singapore Air Force for more than 5 years. Anson has a background of sales, 1 1/2 years in one of the biggest local automotive dealership group. He will be overseeing the management of Aha business

At both organizations Anson had undertaken multiple roles allowing him to bring to Aha a broad skill set ranging from finance, sales, management to business administration experience. The incredible breadth of skill sets and knowledge that the management team possesses will allow Aha to accomplish their visions and goals.   

Henry Henry is an inspirational entrepreneur who likes to venture into new businesses. The common assets of the three partners are, they all used to work in a disciplined, professional and well organized Republic of Singapore Air Force. They all spent seven years in the Air Force as Air System Specialists.




  Alvinsky's background is in project management. He has worked in a local multimedia firm for a year and has also worked as a Equipment Specialist in a MNC Semiconductor.

Aha has committed to providing quality service that is also affordable and value for money. We see the problem with customer spending unjustifiable amount of money on unnecessary paint repair jobs. Aha is here to ensure your worries of money over spent on minor paint damage is something of the past. We will not over-charged and/or do unnecessary repair that is not called for.

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