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Aha! Minor/Spot Repair Pricing 

The below pricing are meant for onsite repair only, where minor repairs can be done at customers' location. For major repair works such as accident repair and panel repair works, pls refer to workshop repair pricing.

Damage (Repair method) Base price Additional price for subsequent no. of damages

Paint chip (Paint Touch up)

$58 (for first 8 chips)
+$10 (for next block of 8 chips)
Body Scratch (Paint Touch up)
$58 (for up to 20 cm)
+$10 (for next 20 cm long scratch)
Surface Scratch (Removal)
$48 (for up to 20 cm)
+$10 (for next 20 cm long scratch)
Minor bumper scuff (Spray-paint work)
$68 (limited to lower part of the bumper or body kits)
+20 (for subsequent damage area)
Windshield crack
+$10 (for subsequent no. of crack)
Windshield chip
$48 (for up to 5 chips)
+$10 (for next block of 2 chips)
Windshield scratch
$48 (for up to 15cm long)
+$10 (for next 10 cm long scratch)
Windshield Restortion (polish clear)
$68 (for up to 50% size of windshield)
+$20 (for whole piece of windshield)

For combination of any of the above damages, Aha! offer package price at a more attractive pricing. For exact quote, pls contact us -> Ask Aha! for Quote


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