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About Aha! Auto Image

 Aha Auto Image is founded in year 2004, started humbly as an Auto paint touch up service provider. His maiden service provided from a mobile van was launched in the month of June the same year. Aha! has since added more services to his core business to offer wider range of auto body-related services. Aha! strive to offer convenenient and affordable one-stop auto body-related detailing and repair services.

Aha! Mission Statement

To offer one-stop auto body care and repair solution that is Affordable, Convenient and Quality Assured.

Aha Auto Image call himself - Aha!, an informal name that is easy to remember and address. Customers have also been accustomed to calling Aha Auto Image as Aha!, a very warm-hearted way to call that filled with personal touch.

"Aha! That's what I really wanted!"    

Aha! is an innovative automobile paint restoration service provider in a very competitive Singapore market. Aha! does chip, scratch, ding and scuff repair and restore car paint work to a reasonably satisfactory condition that would make you a proud owner again.    

Aha! differential his service from the rest in that he is able to provide first of its kind, mobile service working at your convenience location. And that is what made Aha! so unique and outstanding.     

 "We re-create not just the look, but the value of your car!"   

Our price is reasonable and affordable. You do not need to spend more than $300 to re-spray your car and worried that your car paintwork will be damaged again in the run. Because, you have Aha, whose service and price is just too good to be true and you would not left worried about repair cost and long down time of your car. We help to save your money and get your car paint restored to your liking as many times as you have new damages, all of course within your budget.   

Maintaining your car paint work like new and have it for as long as you are owning it at an affordable price is something which is not impossible after all. With Aha Auto Image, you can be sure of that!     So do not hesitate, call us at 9069 3678/9 or make an online booking for an appointment now! No obligation!

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