The Aha! journey begins

Aha Auto Image’s customers base is expanding three-fold!

Ever since Aha launched his services on 1st June 2004, tlil now, barely a month of operation, Aha has undertaken more than 40 jobs already ranging from scratch, chips paint touch up, bumper scuff repair,windshield repair to grooming services. Not a bad result for a new startup indeed.

“Customers’ satisfactions are our motivation!”

    There are services even engaged by repeat customers who have been and remain our loyal supporters. Aha is very pleased to know that these customers have some good words of mouth for our prompt, polite services and reasonably good workmanship which is not totally limited by the constraints of working fully on mobile. Not to mention our prices which is just as reasonable and value for their money!

Seeking continuous Improvement

    Customers like our unique service provide out of mobile which they think is an added value. We provide the convenience and hassle-free mobile services that no other similar services or company can hold a candle to when mobility is concern. This really make us proud and honored to be precedence in this field. We are seeking continuous improvement in our service provision as well as workmanship in our repair work. We commit to providing quality customer-oriented services which on the other hand, offer at a lower cost so as to transfer the benefits of a lower price to our customers.  

From original post dated 19th Oct 2004

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