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Grooming of Exploratory Overland Expeditions Purpose-Built Vehicle

from original post dated 16th Nov 2006

Aha Auto Image undertakes the challenge of re-conditioning the purpose-built UK registered Scania truck for Exploratory Overland Expeditions. The company – Exploratory Overland Expeditions is a private owner-operated organisation based in Oxford, UK. Co-owners, Mr William Thomson and Karen Brown, are a couple in their 30s and for the last 7 years have been organising and running overland trips in Africa, South America, Middle East and Asia. They were here in Singapore for a week to await transit to Australia, their last destination of the expeditions that took them more than 20 weeks since April this year started off from London. With the purpose-built 4×4 truck, they have since traveled overland to Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

One of the objective of stopping-over in Singapore has been to re-condition the purpose-built Scania truck to remove foreign mud/soil that the custom and immigrants of Australia has imposed on foreign vehicles that want to enter Australia. The requirement of the Australia custom on foreign vehicles wanting to enter Australia to be foreign mud/soil-free is a pain to Mr William Thomson, as their vehicle has been through such rough road conditions that has taken them from Europe to Southeast Asia. 

After days of enquiring and sourcing for a cleaning company to undertake the tedious job of re-conditioning their vehicle comes in vain, they hit upon Aha Auto Image through recommendation of Scania Singapore. A great challenge indeed for Aha! to undertake such tedious and large scale re-conditioning works that require special attention to remove foreign mud, which is all over! After some deliberations, Aha! decided to take up this job.

The cleaning/re-conditioning jobs took Aha! 2 days to complete with the helps of Mr William Thomson and accompanied friend. The jobs include the washing/cleaning/vacumming of interior cabin which consists of 28 fabric seats, cabinets, storage compartments, cockpit areas; and washing of exterior including using high-pressure water jet on undercarriage, tires, rims, engine compartment, cargo compartments and attaching structures. On top of that, Aha! also undertake the cleaning of the items kept in the vehicle such as vehicle spare parts, camping equipment, utensils, tables, chairs, benches and etc. The objective was to free all items and vehicle parts from any foreign soil or mud.
Mr William Thomson expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Aha! for the hard works put in and for the job well done. Aha! feel great sense of satisfaction despite the extra efforts and the adverse conditions (in the open under sun and rain) faced in carrying out the job. Well, isn’t it what Aha! has always emphasized – to go the extra mile in their service provision? Indeed, Aha! has gone the extra mile to provide a solution that not many wants to or dare to take up. Well done Aha!    

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