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Paint Touch Up

for concealing of minor paintwork imperfections

Paint touch up is a form of cosmetic repair that helps to conceal unsightly paint chips, minor scuff or scratches at any part of a car. The result of the finishing may not be comparable to spray painting job on the affected panel, but overall result when observe from most angles or certain distance or lighting conditions is reasonably decent. A trade off between cost effectiveness and quality finishing.


Cost effective

Only fraction of the cost for spray-painting

Preserve original paintwork

No stripping or coating over of/on original paintwork

Efficient job

Onsite work on the spot with little or no downtime

Protect damage from deteoriating

Conceal the exposed layer from rust or corrosion

Windshield Repair

Repair break, crack and chip

Aha! onsite windshield repair service offer Stars, Bulls Eyes, Angel Wings, any Small Cracks (not longer than 20cm recommended) and Small Chips repairs. The objective of a windshield repair is to close up the gap created by the impact so as to add strength to the bond and to reduce the visibility of the break. The result would be an improved optical clarity (up to 90%) in the damaged area with significant reduction of the visible damage.


Cost effective

No other costs associated with the replacement of a new windshield such as re-installation of solar film

No replacement of Windshield

 Retains the original seal and save the windshield

Efficient job

Onsite work with less than 40mins downtime

Prevents crack from expanding

Prevents the original damage from expanding while adds strength to the windshield

Paintless Dent Removal

Removal of dent without damaging the paintwork

Paintless Dent Removal is a highly skilled process in which minor dings and dents are removed from metal part of the car panel without hurting the paintwork.  This process involves the use of custom designed dent removal tools that are inserted into the inner side of panel and exerting massaging motion techique to restore the panel original condition. Any dings and dents of less than a 50 cent coin size on any metallic panel of a vehicle can be removed, as long as the paint has not been fractured or damaged prior to the repair process.


Cost effective

Only fraction of the cost for panel beating and spray-painting

Preserve original paintwork

Original manufacturer paintwork is preferred over repainted

Efficient job

Work on the affected spot with little downtime depends on number and the size of dent(s)

Work on even bigger dent

Major dent without sharp pointed and irregular shape can be salvaged without paintwork

Mobile Car Grooming

doorstep car grooming

Tired of waiting around at shopping mall or car grooming shop while your car gets groomed? Why not take a good rest at home or even at your workplace while your car is groomed right at your doorstep? Not to worry as we provide complimentary car pickup/delivery service should your parking location not conducive for our mobile car grooming work. Aha! will groom your car inside and outside depend on your needs:

What we do

Shampoo & claybar wash

Shampoo wash (includes wheel-arches) to remove dirt and grime. Magic clay bar treatment on all body surfaces including windshield, windows and lamps to remove embedded grains of metal, tree sap, airborne contaminants debris and contaminants

Polish and wax

Polish using rubbing compound to restore paintwork by removing oxidized paint, old wax build-up and other contaminants, polishes out minor flaws and smoothes the paint surface.

Coverage of other car parts

Clean windshield, rear windscreen, all windows and side mirrors. Clean & dress bumpers, external trimmings and side mirror castings. Clean & shine tyres and rims

Car interior grooming

Clean & Dress dashboard, door panels, steering wheel and storage compartments Vaccum seats, car mats, carpets & boot. Clean and recondition leather/fabric seats Clean and polishing of door jams.

Paintwork Protection

Paintwork protection with ceramic coating

cleaning, steam, smoke
The whole idea behind paintwork protection is to shield your vehicle’s paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it; namely UV rays produced by the sun which can fade paintwork. Fallout from trees, tree sap and salt on the roads are other contributors to fading and corrosion. Our use of Crystal clear high-gloss ceramic coating for new cars against environmental influences such as sun, wind and weather. The long-lasting (up to 2 years) protective polymer film for all types of car paintwork.

What we do

Pre-treatment process

Thorough wash to remove dirt and grime. Magic clay bar treatment on all paintwork body parts to remove embedded grains of metal, tree sap, airborne contaminants debris and contamination

Preparation of paintwork surface

Prior to application, the paintwork will be subjected to mild polishing work to remove minor scratches or paintwork imperfections

Coat application

Systematic 2 layers application of base coat and top coat on individual panels

All round protection

Maintains long-lasting gloss. Allows water to run off better. Protects against UV radiation and stops the paintwork fading. Protects against environmental influences and oxidation.

Accident Workshop Repair

Major car panel and paintwork repair

Major damages such as punctured or dented bumper, dented main body part such as on the doors, bonnets, boot and fender etc require the repair facilities and tools that can only be used in the car body repair workshop. These repairs can not be done onsite or on mobile basis. Aha! co-partnered workshop located at the most central part of Singapore (Ang Mo Kio), not only offer the accessibility but the facility. It is well equipped with the essential equipment to conduct any major repair job on automobile body and paintwork repair. 

headlamp, accident, auto

What we do

Panel Restoration

Panel beating work for all major dent and panel re-alignment work

Spray Painting

Spray painting with computerised paint code mixing system to ensure up to 99% color matching to original paintwork

Third Party Claim

Provide repair and car replacement for 3rd Party claim

Localised Repair

Localised spray painting on affected part of the car to minimise unneccesary work and cost

Replacement of Auto Parts

Provides replacement of damaged panels and auto parts

Car Pickup & Delivery

Our workshop is at your doorstep as we come to you to pick up and return your car upon completion of repair work


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